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One Color Study will be sent out every other week for 12 weeks.

(Tien will provide feedback on exercises and answer student questions for up to 6 months.)

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Getting started
    • What time is best for you for the weekly Q&A sessions?
    • Tools and Materials
    • How to participate in the forum and get feedback on your exercises
  • 2
    Color Study 1: Understanding and strengthening your preferred color palettes
    • Color Study 1: Lessons to view + additional (optional) reading
    • Exercise 1. Examine how a piece uses hue, value, and saturation
    • Exercise 2. Explore your own tastes in hue/value/saturation - find your own voice!
    • Exercise 3. How would you like to change how you use color? How would you like this course to help you?
    • Post your exercises for feedback in the discussion forum!
  • 3
    Color Study 2: Blending (or not blending) colors in your handwoven fabrics
    • Color Study 2: Lessons to view + additional (optional) reading
    • Why color in weaving is complicated
    • Exercise 1: Seeing simultaneous contrast and optical mixing
    • Optical mixing: Dot size
    • Optical mixing: Color choices
    • Exercise 2: Exploring optical mixing
    • Understanding simultaneous contrast
    • Creating simultaneous contrast in handwoven fabric
    • Exercise 3: Exploring simultaneous contrast
    • Woven exercise (Optional!)
    • Drafts
  • 4
    Color Study 3: Exploring color mixing in handwoven cloth
    • Color Study 3: Lessons to view + additional (optional) reading
    • The theory of color mixing
    • Examples: How to estimate the hue when you mix two colors
    • Exercise 1: Estimating the hue when you mix two colors.
    • Munsell color charts
    • Color mixing in handwoven cloth: The role of the draft
    • Stripes and color mixing
    • Exercise 2: Choosing drafts for effective color mixing
    • Predicting how colors will mix when woven
    • Exercise 3: Designing with color
  • 5
    Color Study 4: Pattern Clarity: How to get a bold pattern, a subtle pattern, and shading
    • Color Study 4: Lessons to view + additional (optional) reading
    • Pattern clarity, aka value contrast
    • Creating complexity in pattern clarity: Shading
    • Exercise 1: Bold, subtle, and shaded
    • Exercise 2: Finding ways to create shading; "Borrowing" vs. "Stealing"
    • Exercise 3: Critical analysis: What if?
  • 6
    Color Study 5: Designing a project with just the right visual interest/busy-ness
    • Design a project with as much visual complexity/interest as you want through your choice of contrast level, pattern scale, and pattern clarity.
  • 7
    Color Study 6: Creating mood in your fabric
    • Pick a mood to convey in fabric and choose colors and weave structure to convey that mood.